The basic features of GRACI are useful for the management modules of Risks, Audits, Compliance and Incidents.

Management of Business Units

Before managing your risks, you must create your organization in GRACI. This can be an administrative unit, a business unit or a complete organization.

Assets Management

Easily create and modify the assets you want to protect. These assets can be processes, applications, servers, networks, service, databases, and so on.

Authority Document Management

Easily create and modify your policies, guidelines, standards (e.g., ISO/IEC 27001-2), and information security procedures.

Third-party Management

Manage third parties (e.g., Suppliers) and the risks associated with the third party.

Filter Management

Use the filters to extract the information and generate the reports you need. e.g., Security controls that were not audited on the scheduled date.

Notification Management

Automatically alert stakeholders when an event occurs or is occurring.

Users and Profiles Management

Create and modify GRACI users and assign appropriate profiles (Risk Manager, ROSI, COGI, RSI, Auditors, etc.).